Subaru STI Illustration


It has been almost a year since I sold my Subaru. My first car and a pretty awesome one at that. I was feeling a little nostalgic which led to this illustration. This illustration was created from a photo that was featured in Super Street magazine. My car was not this modified but I thought it made for a better image.

Chicago Lego Poster


This illustration was a baby shower gift to my brother and sister-in-law. My brother has always loved Legos and they are both huge Chicago sports fans, so I created this poster with all of the Chicago sports mascots constructing the city’s skyline out of Legos. I liked it so much I printed one out for myself too.

Sports Posters


I created these posters after feeling inspired by some pretty incredible athletes. T.J. Oshie led the USA to a thrilling shootout win over Russia, scoring on 4 of his 6 attempts. The next poster wasn’t necessarily inspired by a single stand out performance, but being an alumni of Indiana University, I am just a huge Victor Oladipo fan. After being selected 2nd overall by the Orlando Magic in the 2013 NBA draft, I decided to create this poster inspired by an old Michael Jordan poster I had as a kid.

2014 Bloomington Bridal Show

2014 Bloomington Bridal Show

Today was the 2014 Bloomington Bridal Show where The Herald-Times debuted my 2014 Bride’s Guide magazine. After two weeks of non-stop designing the final product is here and I couldn’t be happier with the design.

Pick up your free copy at any local wedding vendor store or check out some of the highlights in my portfolio.

Starlite Drive-In Website Redesign

Starlite Drive In Website Spec

Going to the drive-in is always a fun experience, but sadly many of them across the country are going out of business. I am lucky to be living so close to one in Bloomington, but every time I go to their website I can’t help but think it could use a redesign.

Above is an image of their current website followed by my redesign.

Alliance Soccer Logo

Alliance Soccer Logo

For the past year, I have been in charge of organizing the Cutters Soccer Club’s community soccer program. Through connections within the club, I was asked to design a logo for a new premier travel soccer team that features top players from three different clubs, all located in South-Central Indiana.

Sports, especially soccer, have always been a big part of my life so the project was right up my alley. Above I have displayed the top three comps as well as the final design.

Angry Bear Illustration

Angry Bear Illustration


We have been relatively slow at work the past few days which has led to me watching a good amount of content on More specifically, I have been watching a series of videos posted by Von Glitschka, a designer/illustrator out of Salem, OR. If you have time, I highly recommend checking out some of his work. He created the website as a way to keep his creative mind sharp with short 5 minute design projects and it has become a big hit!

Watching his Lynda series has inspired me to try to do something creative everyday, even if it is just five minutes of doodling. It has also made me really want to buy an ipad, haha!

Today’s creative project was the Angry Bear illustration above. I wanted to practice building a character in Illustrator while also working on coloring the character with gradients and other effects to make him appear more 3-dimensional. What started as a “quick” illustration of just the bear’s head turned into this detailed final illustration.

I hope you all enjoy!

Before & After Web Ad Magic

Thorpe Realty Before & After

Alright so there isn’t any actual magic involved in this process just some simple changes that make a world of difference to the people viewing your ads online.

When designing ads for the web, a problem I run into on a daily basis is our clients trying to squeeze too much information into the small space provided by a web ad. The general thought of our clients is that they have a print ad they are really happy with, so let’s just take that and shrink it into the space of a web ad. This process is successful maybe 1% of the time. As you can see in the image above, the picture on the left is the clients full-page print ad squeezed to fit the space of a 300×600 web banner. Most of the copy is illegible and the photos are all distorted from not being shrunk proportionally. Not to mention it was a black & white print ad; the beauty of the web is that color is never an up-charge!  The sad thing is, we have run this ad in the past because it was what the client somehow liked. This ad came up again on a slow day at work, so I decided to show them what their ad could look like with a little love, color, and simply editing the amount of content. Needless to say the client was extremely happy with the new design and they even had the highest click-thru rate of all the ads on the properties website during its run-time.

So the basically if you want to create a web ad, CREATE A WEB AD! haha. Don’t neglect the importance of your company’s web presence by taking something you already have and just squeezing it to fit. Now days a lot of people only view things on the web, so it is extremely important to make great looking web ads!

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