Tax Season 17 Badge

A coworker proposed the idea of creating a badge for each tax season moving forward and this is what I came up with. This year TaxAct moved all of its servers to the cloud, so I felt that milestone had to be on display in my design. These badges will be created as large decals to display in the office. At the end of the seasone the company will also be creating t-shirts and stickers for each employee to display on their laptop, water bottle, or whatever else they choose. These achievement badges are kind of a fun way to display your timeline with the company.

PDF Import Animation

One super awesome feature the TaxAct software provides is PDF import of your prior year’s return. No matter what software you used last year, as long as you have a PDF version of your return, you can easily complete a good portion of your current year’s return using that information. I created this animation to run while the tool works to pull the customer’s personal information from the provided pdf.

TaxAct Freelancer Edition

TaxAct introduced a new product this year, TaxAct Freelancer Edition. It is no secret that the gig economy is growing and going no where. These individuals often have much more to keep track of when it comes to taxes. TaxAct wanted to create a product that allowed these self-employed workers to file their taxes as easily as possible. We started by identifying the most common professions within the gig economy and created custom paths for each, recommending the most common deductions for their specific profession using our new Deduction Maximizer tool. I created the icons for this profession selection page. These icons are part of a much larger set I am still building out.

Tarheel Nursery

Friends of mine and fellow Tarheel fans recently announced that they are pregnant with their first child. After getting some details about the nursery, a wood-land creature theme, I decided to surprise them with this custom set of 3 canvas prints for the babies nursery.

Jerry Yeagley Soccer Classic

I had the honor of creating this tournament logo for the Indiana University Men’s Soccer coaching legend Jerry Yeagley.

Feeling Burned Out


TaxAct season is like nothing I have ever experienced before. More than a third of the companies annual revenue is made in a two day period, which means a lot of planning and preparation must be done leading into the season. I created this fun little animation for our social accounts. Danica Patrick is our spokesperson and I have always been a fan of drawing cars, so I took this opportunity to draw her TaxAct car and burn some rubber!

ACA Animation for TaxAct

Animation for TaxAct social accounts that talked about the America Care Act, specifically having Dental and Vision coverage to avoid any tax penalties.

Click the image to play.

TaxAct Email Redesign

One of the first things I noticed and wanted to change after starting at TaxAct was the way we present our company through email, which is the biggest channel for retaining our customers. On the left you will see the new design that I created and on the right was what emails looked like when I started. The old design was very link heavy which I felt made it hard to read. The hero image was very text-heavy, so I created guidelines to only have three things displayed in the hero: the product name, price and CTA. The design overall felt very blocky or chunky with little to no flow, so I wanted to create a more cohesive design from the hero image all the way down to the footer. I also created templates for our newsletter emails and transactional emails to match this new style.

Nebraska Football Poster

Nebraska Football Poster

My wife was considering taking a position at the University of Nebraska. While browsing their jobs website, I noticed their athletic department was hiring a graphic designer. Though my wife didn’t end up taking the position, I wanted to have a design ready to send in with my resume to show how excited I was, not only about the position, but also about Nebraska and Oklahoma renewing their much loved rivalry game after Nebraska left the Big 12 Conference several years ago. This poster was inspired by the game-day posters Indiana University printed while I was a student there. Hope you all enjoy!

Buddy Hield Poster

Buddy Hield

Living in Norman, OK for the past 9 months has been an interesting and fun experience. Outside of constantly worrying about the weather, we, as sports fans, could not have picked a more exciting year to live here. OU’s football team made it to the College Football Playoffs and had a Heisman candidate in Baker Mayfield. The basketball team was ranked number one for a good portion of the season and made it all the way to the Final Four. We got to see Blake Griffin’s jersey retired at halftime of the last home game of the season.

This poster was created to commemorate a great college career for senior standout Buddy Hield. Today Buddy was awarded the Naismith Player of the Year Award, as well as, the Wooden Award. It will be fun to continue watching Buddy play at the next level.

Chicago Sports Rebrand

Chicago Logo Rebrand

Hitting a slow patch in my workload, I had some fun re-creating the logos of four Chicago professional teams. Chicago Bulls, Bears, Fire and Blackhawks.

Peaceful Spool Sign

Peacful Spool Sign

Merry Christmas to Peaceful Spool! As a big thank you for all the great things they have made for my daughter, I wanted to make them something special and useful this holiday season. Make sure to check out all their great products at

Monogram for Harper


My wife and I recently welcomed our daughter Harper into the world. Seven pounds and fifteen ounces of pure joy! I wanted to do something special for her so I decided to design a custom monogram with her initials. I came across some beautiful wooden monograms on Pinterest and thought that would be perfect for her nursery. After the design was finished I looked into how much it would cost to have one made, they are not cheap! Being a new parent and trying to save as much money as possible led to me cutting and painting the piece myself. I am no carpenter but I think it came out pretty great.



Working for the technology department at Indiana University has many perks. One I was not initially anticipating was the opportunity to promote my freelance business. A co-worker of mine approached me with a request for a T-shirt and name badge design for IU gaming‘s event, LanWar XXVII. Over 2oo students attended the 36 hour gaming event sponsored by Monster. I stopped by the event to take some photos and received a lot of positive feedback on the designs. I am already looking forward to the next LAN War!

Click here to check out more photos from the event on my Facebook page.

IU Memorial Stadium Illustration


Indiana University is home to some pretty impressive and beautiful buildings. I miss my days as a student, walking past these buildings made of the signature Indiana limestone on a daily basis. The Illustration above is the first of many IU landmarks I have illustrated. Check out the other illustrations at my Facebook page including the iconic red clocks that are spread throughout campus. Go Hoosiers!

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