Before & After Web Ad Magic

Thorpe Realty Before & After

Alright so there isn’t any actual magic involved in this process just some simple changes that make a world of difference to the people viewing your ads online.

When designing ads for the web, a problem I run into on a daily basis is our clients trying to squeeze too much information into the small space provided by a web ad. The general thought of our clients is that they have a print ad they are really happy with, so let’s just take that and shrink it into the space of a web ad. This process is successful maybe 1% of the time. As you can see in the image above, the picture on the left is the clients full-page print ad squeezed to fit the space of a 300×600 web banner. Most of the copy is illegible and the photos are all distorted from not being shrunk proportionally. Not to mention it was a black & white print ad; the beauty of the web is that color is never an up-charge!  The sad thing is, we have run this ad in the past because it was what the client somehow liked. This ad came up again on a slow day at work, so I decided to show them what their ad could look like with a little love, color, and simply editing the amount of content. Needless to say the client was extremely happy with the new design and they even had the highest click-thru rate of all the ads on the properties website during its run-time.

So the basically if you want to create a web ad, CREATE A WEB AD! haha. Don’t neglect the importance of your company’s web presence by taking something you already have and just squeezing it to fit. Now days a lot of people only view things on the web, so it is extremely important to make great looking web ads!

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