Angry Bear Illustration

Angry Bear Illustration


We have been relatively slow at work the past few days which has led to me watching a good amount of content on More specifically, I have been watching a series of videos posted by Von Glitschka, a designer/illustrator out of Salem, OR. If you have time, I highly recommend checking out some of his work. He created the website as a way to keep his creative mind sharp with short 5 minute design projects and it has become a big hit!

Watching his Lynda series has inspired me to try to do something creative everyday, even if it is just five minutes of doodling. It has also made me really want to buy an ipad, haha!

Today’s creative project was the Angry Bear illustration above. I wanted to practice building a character in Illustrator while also working on coloring the character with gradients and other effects to make him appear more 3-dimensional. What started as a “quick” illustration of just the bear’s head turned into this detailed final illustration.

I hope you all enjoy!

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